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Bridge Repair Project Invests In Ohio Infrastructure

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Nov 8, 2013

State Representative Brian Hill (R-Zanesville) has announced that, as a result of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s successful efforts to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiency, $120 million in funding is now available to repair and replace more than 200 county and city-owned bridges over the next three years.

The project, Ohio’s Bridge Partnership, will provide remediation to a network of bridges that are not on ODOT’s interstate or state highway system but still are vital to Ohio’s transportation system. Within the 97th Ohio House District, funding will be invested at the following locations:
• The Muskingum Avenue bridge over Chaps Run
• The Wilson Road bridge over Brush Creek Tributary
• The Coopermill Road bridge over Thompson Run
• The Foxfire Drive bridge over Thompson Drive

“I applaud Governor Kasich’s continued commitment to strengthening Ohio’s infrastructure and improving our roadways and bridges,” said Representative Hill. “These projects are good investments that will benefit the residents of Muskingum County.”

Ohio has 44,000 bridges, the second-highest number in the nation behind Texas. While the condition of Ohio’s bridges is better than the national average, many bridges are waiting for much-needed repairs.

According to documents from the Ohio Department of Transportation, work is expected to begin on the first 40 bridges next year.