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Remembering September 11th

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Sep 9, 2011
It is hard to believe that ten years have gone by since the terrorists attacked our nation on September 11th, 2001. All Americans can tell you where they were when they heard of the planes that were hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon, the World Trade Center and a field in Pennsylvania. While Al Qaeda rejoiced in the wake of this atrocity, America united in mourning the tremendous loss of life. Our love of country surpassed the hate of these terrorists one hundred times over.
It was amazing to see the way Americans came together after the brutal terrorist attacks of 9/11. All of the ideological differences that divided us fell away in the weeks and months after September 11th, replaced by an intense drive to support one another in the aftermath of this national tragedy. The signs of pride to be an American were everywhere, from the stars and stripes displayed in our neighborhoods, to the common refrain of the Star Spangled Banner.
A decade later, we as a nation often feel the divide between our personal beliefs, political affiliations and individual backgrounds. We have always been a country defined by our diversity, but just as much by our conviction in democracy, freedom and the will of the American people.
On September 11th, we will, first and foremost, honor the memories of the individuals who died in those senseless attacks, but we can also remember the ties that bind us together as citizens of the United States. Before Republican or Democrat, we are all Americans who suffered the same loss ten years ago and united under the same cause thereafter. It is our patriotism that makes us one nation indivisible, and it is this sense of unity that will propel our country into the future.
It is my hope that all of the residents of the 94th House District will join in reflecting on these important messages on September 11th, a day that has been immortalized in the American consciousness. A group of terrorists full of hate tried to tear us apart, but they only succeeded in bringing us closer together. We filled our hearts with love to combat their deplorable message of hate. Despite our many differences, today, we still stand one nation strong, a beacon of hope and freedom for all the world to see.